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ACE Cleaning is a family-run, local business, providing a professional service to businesses and the homeowner. We are members of The National Guild of Tradesmen and offer a range of Value for Money services which will enhance the appearance and value of your property.

With 21 years of experience in the cleaning industry, ACE Cleaning have built an excellent reputation and are trusted for the high standards and effectiveness of our cleaning services. We offer a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial specialist cleaning services.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a friendly but highly competitive service, offering exceptional value for money. In addition, we operate in a flexible manner, adjusting to the individual needs of each customer to minimise disruption. From taking your call or receiving your e-mail to completing the job, we work hard to deliver efficient, reliable and honest service.

We take the safety of our staff and customers of utmost importance. We are fully insured and carry £6 Million public Liability. All staff receives comprehensive training including health and safety and this training is monitored and added to on an ongoing basis. We also take the safety of our customers very seriously and we will take all practicable steps to safeguard while work is ongoing and will advise on any safety steps once the job is completed.

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COVID 19 Cleaning and Disinfecting

Virus Containment Deep cleaning

Micro-organisms are ever changing but with normal daily cleaning are kept to a healthy level and do not affect our everyday lives. However, when there has been an outbreak of the nastier strains of the flu virus deep cleaning is required, such as after an outbreak of the winter flu MRSA or E-coli.

In an environment where people live, deep cleaning is important but particularly so, where people have a reduced level of resistance to infection due to age or underlying health problems. It is essential to thoroughly clean all surfaces with appropriate disinfectants & cleaning techniques, to reduce the levels of micro-organisms and minimise the risk of cross infection.

In Healthcare facilities and residential homes the Health Boards closely monitor outbreaks of infections and will periodically visit and take swabs to monitor the levels of micro-organisms living on the premises. They have strong legal powers of enforcement to ensure that infection control is taken very seriously.

ACE Cleaning is capable and certified to complete this type of deep cleaning to the standard required.

COVID 19 Cleaning and Disinfecting

COVID 19 also known as "the Coronavirus”,  has changed the world since it hit and we, as a human species, have no natural immunity.

We are all aware of the best ways to protect ourselves from the virus and the need for good hygiene and social distancing; but what happens if someone in our home, workplace or school has become infected and we need to deep clean and decontaminate the premises to prevent further infections. For schools and businesses in particular these deep cleans and decontaminations can be vital in order to remain open and operational.

ACE cleaning can help.

ACE Cleaning have invested in the latest technology to ensure the most effective deep cleaning and decontamination services to allow you to return to your home or place of business in a timely manner after a coronavirus outbreak.

We understand that the need to act swiftly to contain the spread of the virus and to allow you to get back to normal activities and we prioitize this work to ensure you can get back open as quickly as possible.

We use the latest approved foggers and disinfectant machines to carry out these environmental deep cleans and ensure the premise is safe to resume its normal function.

Our staff will conduct risk assessments and method statements to ensure all Health & safety procedures and best practise is maintained at all times as well as a process of containment to ensure all waste materials are disposed off in a safe manner and all equipment is properly disinfected after use.